Long Legs

by Overhand Sam

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Album Art by Mike Turzanski

Recorded at TurtlePhonic Studios: The Shell April 2015
TurtlePhonic Records Copyright 2015


released May 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Overhand Sam Rochester, New York

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Track Name: sonder
synchronized diving just means that we meet at the bottom/
/we're helplessly loving the ones who are constantly falling
If you look pretty all the way to the bottom
thats all that matters
Track Name: How Do I Know?
I left you alone, and what good it did I don't know
Now you're not coming back, but I how do I know it's not another trap
How Do I know?
You're a son of a bitch, just go for a walk relieve the loneliness
but don't change your path, I know if it looks good that you won't come back.
And what should I do? Could I believe you'd tell another lie?
And what could I say? There's nothing left except to say "goodbye"
But how do I know?
I don't.
Track Name: Two Cliffs
in the moonlight stands two cliffs that stare at one another
they almost touch forever, but not until they fall apart

two trees standing in the breeze; they're just waiting for the storm
almost touch forever, but not til they fall apart

We all like to watch the moon, it's something we can count on
We almost wait forever, please just tell me when to start.
Track Name: Bitter
Lift you up just to see what it's like at the bottom
I grab my gun, I can tell that it's lonely
MY legs melt into nothing
what it is, I don't know.
My face becomes an ocean that's very bitter
Dive right in, just to see what it's like at the bottom of it
have some fun at the expense of others
My brain melts into something, what it is I don't know.
It's strong and pretty bitter. I just don't know.
Track Name: Coma (Return)
I caught my leg in a trap making for the sea
I lost my will after that like you wouldn't believe

I saw a snake in the grass, it wasn't hard to see
It looked like someone I knew, It kind of looked like me

Forget how to worry. Is this all a dream?
I'm starring at the sun, who doesn't wake me.
My soul is yellow like you, but you look kind of green
I think I might just go back, I forgot what I had seen

I sleep all night and all day because you built me up
& I'll never do anyone wrong, other than myself

Forget how to wake up. Is this all a dream?
I'm starring at the sun, who doesn't wake me.
Track Name: Nothing worse than waiting
I can impersonate someone who doesn't like to think of reasons, who stares into the sun.
Hypnotic, I cannot close my eyelids, transfixed on an idea "What if I'm the only one"
And I'll find that nothing is easier than waiting for anyone.
And I'll find that waiting is even worse than nothing, but not for everyone.
I can contemplate reasons, why happiness had left us blinded by the sun.
Forgotten, we walk along the freeway, sporting new sunglasses, not afraid of anyone.
And I've found that nothing, is more difficult than waiting for your only one.
And I've found that waiting might be the only answer if love is what you want.
Just like the Earth itself
We'll wait thousands of years waiting

Just like a world of glass
We're delicate and precious

Just like a hundred years
We'll pass thousands of chances

Hold me til the end of time
I'll give whats considered mine away